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Subsidized Housing

Definition: A rental assistance program established by the Housing and Community Development (HUD) Act of 1974 to provide additional rental assistance subsidy to project owners on behalf of very low-income tenants). The payment made by HUD or the Contract Administrator to the owner of an assisted unit as provided in the contract.  Where the unit is leased to an eligible family, the payment is the difference between the contract rent and the tenant rent. An additional payment is made to the family when the utility allowance is greater than the total tenant payment.

Includes low income public housing units, project based section 8 units, tenant based section 8 vouchers, rent supplement, HUD-VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing). 

City and County Section 8 Offices

Summary of housing guidelines and funding in 2020 

Hawaii Housing Finance Development Corporation (HHFDC) 

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