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Hā: Breath

How do you KNOW it? How do you SHOW it? How do you GROW it?
Nā Hopena Aʻo are rooted in Hawaiʻi, and we become a reflection of this special place.
(Source: HIDOE – Nā Hopena Aʻo)

  • Strengthened Sense of Belonging
  • Strengthened Sense of Responsibility
  • Strengthened Sense of Excellence
  • Strengthened Sense of Aloha
  • Strengthened Sense of Total Well-being
  • Strengthened Sense of Hawaiʻi

PONO: a way of being and doing in Hawaiian culture that guides us to do what is RIGHT. The annual E Ola Pono Campaign encouraged Hawaii’s youth to create peace, harmony, and pono in their schools and communities by striving to manifest Hā. It strove to create an inclusive environment where everyone felt like they BELONG. 

Ohana Pono Challenge Showreel

In response to the Covid-19 situation, the annual statewide E Ola Pono Campaign launched the ʻOhana Pono Challenge. ‘Ohana Pono Challenge was an opportunity for Hawaii’s families to nurture their Mind (mana‘o), Body (kino) and Spirit (ʻuhane) during the CoVID-19 Stay-at-Home mandate. For the past 13 years, the HIDOE and the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools have both endorsed the E Ola Pono Campaign. This was Hawaii’s chance to share something positive with the world!

The ʻOhana Pono Challenge encouraged students and families to work together on activities or projects that promoted Pono. To live Pono is to always strive to do what is right for others and the environment.

Who participated? All families with children K-12 across the state of Hawaiʻi! They sent us pictures or a video (or both!) along with a paragraph or two describing how their families were practicing Pono during these challenging times. Some examples: helping someone in need, creative ways to exercise and stay healthy around the home, and various fun activities that promoted Pono in their family or community. Cash prizes were awarded to standout family projects!

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