The E Ola Pono Campaign

As a cultural response to bullying in schools, student groups were encouraged to actively “Grow Pono” to create a more welcoming and safe environment for everyone at their school.

E Ola Pono means to live with respect for and in harmony with everyone and everything around you. For 13 years, the annual statewide E Ola Pono Campaign challenged students to work together on activities or projects that promote pono as a “Way to Be.”

Student led projects and campaigns have proven to be the most effective and powerful initiatives to reduce harassment and bullying in schools. Addressing this need in a culturally relevant way based on Hawaii‘s host culture provides a foundation that can benefit all people who call Hawai‘i home. 

To live pono is to always strive to do what is right for others and the environment. It is “WE versus “ME” thinking. Living Pono is a universal concept that stretches way beyond Hawaii’s shores.

The Pono Campaign offered students an opportunity to positively influence peers and promote a safe, respect-filled school environment. The Hawai’i Department of Education, the Hawai’i Association of Charter Schools, the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools, and the Governor have all endorsed the E Ola Pono Campaign.