10 Strategies for schools to improve parent engagement

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Studies of successful schools indicate that a high rate of parent involvement is a major factor in their success and can even help close the achievement gap between groups of students. Yet while 85 percent of parents feel they could personally make “a lot” or “a fair amount” of difference in their child’s learning and academic progress, 46 percent of parents wish they could do more to support their child’s education.

The strategies here can help you increase parent and family engagement at your school. 

  • Pick one tool for communication 
  • Issue shorter, more frequent communications 
  • Personalize!
  • Set the tone
  • Build relationships
  • Share accountability
  • Invite parents to be partners
  • Empower parents to opt in
  • Provide actionable information 
  • Share the positive 🙂 

The key to productive and positive parent engagement is a good flow of communication between school and home, and that communication should encompass every stakeholder, including parents, teachers, administrators, specialists, club leaders and coaches, and the parent-teacher organization.

Written by: Jennifer Larson

A group of parents sitting at children's desk in the classroom