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Center on Disability Studies

2022 - 2023 Annual Report

Institute for Creative Health & Wellbeing (ICHW)


The Institute for Creative Health & Wellbeing (ICHW) generated two video series. First, the Brain Boost through Music intends to bridge relationships between people with disabilities, their families, and the greater community that serves them through live musical interactions, training, and research in music-based approaches. The second video series is Finding Balance, designed to empower caregivers and families of individuals with disabilities on their wellness journey.

The Center on Disability Studies is committed to advancing health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation and advancing the transformative benefits of creativity. Creative activity is associated with better wellbeing, and participation in cultural activities represents a positive coping strategy for people with disabilities who also have mental health issues (Kerr et al., 2012Leadbetter and O’Connor, 2013All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts and Health and Wellbeing, 2017).

Join us as we expand our outreach activities through the Institute for Creative Health and Wellbeing and experience music, movement, art, storytelling and more! See below for activities to participate in!

Brain Boost Through Music

“Finding Balance,” with Dr. Maya Matheis, Licensed Clinical Psychologist