Teacher Mentors

KPN2 staff sitting with KPN2 students on the floor looking at a dice manipulative to learn about telling time

Our Teacher Mentors are Boys & Girls Club Hawai’i staff and Hawai’i DOE teachers working with K-5 students.

Teacher Mentors complete a hybrid Professional Development course.

Professional Development Topics include:

  • Ka Pilina Noʻeau II Math & Science Learning Model and Curricula
  • Culturally responsive teaching,
  • Universal Design for Learning,
  • Problem-based learning
  • Integrated STEM curriculum

After completing the PD, Teacher Mentors have the opportunity to use the MSL Model curriculum in an authentic environment during our STEM camps.

Teacher Mentors can earn PDE3 credits for completing the course.


Spring 2024 Professional Development

Photo of KPN2 teacher, Lorene Livingston

Lorene Livingston

Kanu o Ka ‘Aina NCPCS

K-6 Special education

Photo of KPN2 teacher, Chelsea Dilts

Mililani Uka Elementary

K-5 STEM Teacher

Photo of KPN2 teacher, Pualei Jarrett

Kula Kaiapuni ʻo Waiau

Papa Mālaaʻo Teacher

Photo of KPN2 teacher, Ashley Walters-Otwell

Ashley Walters-Otwell

Wheeler Elementary

P.E./Student Activities Coordinator

Photo of KPN2 teacher, Jared Katakura

Hawaiʻi School for the Deaf and the Blind (HSDB)

K-5 Teacher

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