Parent Consent Form

University of Hawai’i
Parent/Guardian Consent to Participate in a Research Project
Drs. Kiriko Takahashi & Hye Jin Park, Principal Investigators
Study Title: Project Ka Pilina Noʻeau II / Ka Pilina Noeʻeau Hoʻomau

Aloha! Our names are Kiriko Takahashi, Hye Jin Park and Jerica Manoa. We are researchers at the Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. We are conducting a study to develop a curriculum to engage students in STEM and part of the program is to engage parents. We are contacting you because you have signed up your child for our summer or after school hands-on STEM camp and as part of the program, you also have indicated that you are interested in participating in the parent workshops.


What will I have to do?

You will participate in virtual parent workshops. There are 8 to 10 sessions depending on the semester. Orientation and final session are 2 hours long. Other sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. All sessions are live virtually, but if you are unable to participate in the live sessions, you will be able to watch a recording and complete the session at your own pace throughout the summer.


You will take a 20-minute survey about your experiences in math and science at the beginning before you participate and another 20 minutes survey at the end.


You will also take a 3-minute post session feedback for each session you participate.

You may also be selected to participate in a 1-hour focus group in June or July with 3-4 other parents. During the focus group, we will ask you about whether the workshops were useful to you and your child. Focus groups will be recorded, and once the recording is transcribed, we will delete the file.


Is there any compensation for being in the study?

When you participate in the parent workshop, you will receive a $20 gift card (e.g. Foodland, Amazon, Target, etc.) compensation per session per parent. You will receive additional $20 when you participate in five activities and $30 additional gift cards/stipends [HJP1] when you participate in all sessions. You will also receive materials/activity kit (e.g. story books, game cards, worksheets, etc.) to keep and do the activities at home with your child.


How to participate:

If you agree to participate in our parent workshops, you do not have to do anything. You will receive information about our workshops via email or phone call. Just join the session on ZOOM on the scheduled days and sign in. For compensation, you will need to fill out the WH-1 form and return the form based on the instructions given.


What if I do not want to participate or change my mind about participation?

If you decide not to participate in our parent workshops and do not want to receive updates about the parent workshop any further, please contact Dalen Kahiapo ( to indicate that you do not want to participate.

You can also change your mind about participating at any time. Please let us know in writing when you want to withdraw. If you stop, there will be no penalty or loss to you or your child. 



If you have any questions about this study, please email Dr. Kiriko Takahashi , Dr. Hye Jin Park or Jerica Manoa,