People standing at the edge of a taro patch.

Our students are Kindergarten-5th (KPN II) and PreK-5th (KPNH) grade students from public, private, and charter schools throughout Hawaiʻi.

Students participate in STEM camps and service-learning opportunities held during school breaks and afterschool.

STEM Camp Activities

  • informal and formal assessments
  • math exploration with use of Hawaiian language
  • reading and vocabulary practice
  • collaborative, hands-on cultural and real-world problem-based learning
  • reflection 



Our students, their parents, Mentors, Junior Mentors, Community Members, & Staff participate in service-learning opportunities to view examples of STEM in the real world and Native Hawaiian culture and learn from cultural STEM practitioners in the community.


Student Activities

Here are some activities that students can do on their own from home.

Learn subtraction with the Hawaiian meli bee!

Weave your own lauhala mat

Learn how to count with Nalo the bee

Māui Discovers Ahi – a Hawaiian story

Mental Math Strategies

Learn to make and play palaʻie.

Finger-knit a yarn lei

The Scientific Process

Practice counting in Hawaiian with this fun game!

See STEM activities you can do at home by visiting our previous Ka Pilina Noʻeau Project website!

Upcoming STEM Camps