Nā Hokua

Nā Hokua

Project Dates: 2020 – Present

Funded By: US Department of Education


The goal of Nā Hokua is to support Native Hawaiian students in exploring STEM pathways and careers. Nā Hokua will provide transitioning and current postsecondary students direct academic support, financial assistance, and opportunities for career exploration in STEM fields. These supports will foster the development of skills and knowledge for students to succeed in postsecondary education, encouraging them to participate actively in their communities and discover professional opportunities in high- growth fields. Nā Hokua builds upon research into evidence-based practices for skill development and strategies for supporting diverse student populations. Nā Hokua’s goal is to provide model supports to University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges (UHCC) to improve access, retention, and program completion, resulting in outcomes of quality employment and/or admission to a four- year program of study. Project personnel will pursue participatory action research to ensure fidelity to the support framework and examine the various needs encountered by students at each UHCC site.

Principal Investigator: Eric Folk

Primary Contact: Sean Nagamatsu

Team: Eric Folk; Robert Stodden; Sean Nagamatsu; Kepano Kekuewa; Lesley Fukushima; Esben Borsting; Kenika Lorenzo-Elarco; Chloe Higa; David Leake; Erin Kahananui Low; Mia Ritte; Chanel Kahanu Walker; Kapaiaʻalaopuna Earle; Tatum Kauka; Lesieli Moana Pota; Deven Aruda; Pelika Andrade; Paige Puakea Moʻokini-Oliveira; Leivallyn Kaupu