Project Twice Exceptional students Achieving and Matriculating in STEM (TEAMS)

TEAMS - Grow your potential in science

Project Dates: 2014 – 2021

Funded by: US Department of Education


The goal of the project is to identify twice-exceptional high school students with disabilities having potential in science and provide a three-pronged support (i.e., academic enrichment in science, mentoring on understanding disability and building interest in STEM, and college transition support) to improve their science achievement and encourage their entrance into postsecondary STEM degree programs. The project examines the effectiveness of the model using a multisite cluster randomized trial. The project sites include Hawai`i, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Iowa, New York, and Arizona.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Hye-Jin Park

Team: Dr. Hye-Jin Park; Dr. Kiriko Takahashi; Kendra Nip; Jerrik Feliciano; Dr. Yoko Kitami; Samantha Wee; Tingting Reid