Postsecondary Support Project

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Project Dates: 2010 – 2025

Funded by: US Department of Education; Hawai‘i Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; Hawai‘i Developmental Disabilities Division


The Postsecondary Support Project offers on-going coaching support to students with significant support needs at Kapiolani, Honolulu, Leeward, Windward, and Hawai‘i Community Colleges and UH Maui College. Our goal is to create inclusive postsecondary education opportunities for students with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities at each UH System Community College Campus. We are a twice funded TPSID (Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities) Grantee and also receive support from The Hawai‘i Developmental Disabilities Division and the Hawai‘i Division of  Vocational Rehabilitation. Students receive educational coaching that prepares them to navigate the UH System, develop good academic skills, stay on track with their students, improve their “soft-skills,” and prepares students to learn about self determination and develop or improve their visions for their futures. 

In addition to coaching and transition support, the PSP offers a 4-day/3-night  postsecondary education residential training experience each summer on campus at UH Mānoa. The camp offers a focused hands-on educational self-determination curriculum for students on-campus in college classrooms with lessons delivered in a setting and style that mirrors and academic college week.

Principal Investigator: Eric Folk

Primary Contact: Marla Arquero

Team: Eric Folk; Marla Arquero; Bob Stodden; David Leake; Carol Lee Arnold; Chloe Higa; Lauren Lum Ho; Cerya Cruz; TK Do; Jane Ip; Lonny Wysard; Melody Mann; Masako Imanishi; Nale Donlin; Jill Seapker; Edlynne Harrell-Sanchez; Jhoe Rosales; Charieze Cacayorin; Jaydan Payumo; Lesley Fukushima


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