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Center on Disability Studies

2022 - 2023 Annual Report

Project Turn the Tables

Project Turn the Tables virtual reverse job fair for high school students with disabilities on Oahu in 2023 was held as part of the Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits Planning (Pre-ETS) project. There were 110 participants including 20 professionals and paraprofessionals, 64 students, and 26 local and community partners.

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Turn the Tables Virtual Reverse Job Fair was held on April 28, 2023 through Zoom. Participating students and job seekers had an opportunity to create a video resume and profile to share with all employers.

Students and job seekers needed to participate in 4 lessons (either on Zoom or in person) to be eligible for the fair. Lessons included:

  • Elevator Speech
  • Resume Development
  • Video Scripting
  • Interview Preparation

Upon completion of the four lessons/workshops, all the student videos and resumes were posted on a web portal for all registered employers to review. Employers had the option to contact the students directly or attend the live Zoom of the fair to meet the students and jobseekers.

The Turn the Tables fair is hosted by the University of Hawaiʻi, Center on Disability Studies (CDS) in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF). Lesson delivery and employer recruitment is currently underway.