Internship Sites

Students will experience a real-world example of a STEM workplace and gain first-hand experience in developing skills for a particular career field.

Internship sites will identify an existing, ongoing projector research student interns will be able to join. Alternatively, internship sites can decide to support the student interns to work on their own project of interest.

Students will complete an internship project as a small group at a local STEM work site with the guidance of their workplace mentor. Specific sections of this project will be completed in a classroom setting or worksite visit during the Spring semester (e.g., general description and goals of the projector research). The remaining sections will be completed during 40 hours in the summer (e.g., description of tasks performed, skills/knowledge gained).

Ultimately, students will present their projects to an audience,composed of project staff, family and friends, internship mentors, academic/cultural mentors,and other invited guests.



Mentor: Kahoaliʻi Keahi

ʻEwa Beach

Mentor: Sandy Ward


Mentor: Ian Kitajima


Hawaiʻi Island