K - 3 Lessons

Growing Pono Schools/Ulu A’e Transitions has primarily been creating lessons and materials for grades 4 and up. We have decided to modify some of our lessons and create new lessons to expand our reach to include kindergarten to grade 3. Feel free to explore our website to access other resources and information. Our contact email is growpono@hawaii.edu.

This first lesson begins with a PowerPoint presentation. The #PonoPassItOn Reflection Cards Powerpoint, which you can also access and *print using our png version, is a derivative of our Elementary and Secondary versions. You will find lesson suggestions on the second slide. This is designed to introduce a Hawaiian value or phrase along with a photo. The slide following will include a brief reflection and question to use with the lesson suggestions. It is an important part of each lesson to allow the “picture to speak a thousand words.” Spend time talking about what your students see in each photo before proceeding. The goal is to observe the Hawaiian value or phrase in action. 

Below, you will find the list of the Hawaiian values and phrases which coincide with the #PonoPassItOn Reflection Cards. We have categorized some additional resources for your optional use as a “unit study”. 

*If printing the reflection cards, you will find they are 2-sided, which is notated on the files. 

Stop and Hanu video: We suggest you start your day with deep “belly” breathing, which we term “Hanu (inhale) – Ha (exhale).” This helps us to calm down and focus, by oxygenating our blood. It is important to help them to understand deep “belly” breaths vs. shallow “chest” breaths. This can be done as often as needed throughout each day, since it helps alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Kuleana Song is a fun song, with motions created by students, that incorporates many of these values. This can be introduced at any point in your studies. 


Helium Hoop Lesson 
Human Jan Ken Po Activity
Shaping Up Activity 

Other K-3 Lesson Activities 

Who I Am
The Many Pieces of Me 

The resources can also be found in this google drive folder: K-3 Lessons. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to serve our keiki and kumu. growpono@hawaii.edu. MAHALO!