Going Home Plus

Operational Protocol

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Demonstration Policies and Procedures
  3. Organization and Staffing
  4. Evaluation 
  5. Final Budget
  1. Transition Flow Sheet 
  2. Recruitment and Outreach Materials
  3. List of Hawai‘i Facilities (Nursing Homes, ICF-IDs, Hospitals)
  4. Enrollment Materials
  5. Qualified Waiver Services
  6. QI Transition Grid
  7. Self Direction Appendices
  8. Quality Management Strategy (Combined for NHWW/HCCP/RACCP/MFCCP) 
  9. Evaluation Measures
  10. List of Meetings Conducted by GHP Management Team
  11. Crosswalk Between State Procedure Codes and Type of MFP Services
  12. Worksheet for MFP Proposed Budget