HFEC Downloadables include: Welcome Back Packages, Tools and Guides, and Newsletters.

Welcome Back Packages

Tools and Guides

IEP Smart Strategies Preview
All Ages

IEP Smart Strategies

This guide is offered as navigational support for parents and families of children with Special Needs in the course of the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) planning

Cover of Education - A college prep savings toolkit

Financial Empowerment

“Financial empowerment is the ability and confidence of individuals and communities to make positive financial decisions that promote their long-term financial stability and financial well-being.”

Cover Page of Parent Profile for Student
All Ages

Parent Profile for Student

The Parent Profile for Student is a great communication tool that allows parents to share basic data about their child, as well as specific information that

Cover page of the Family Engagement Transition Toolkit with a sky view image of the blue ocean waves crashing onto the sand
College & Career Readiness

Family Engagement Transition Toolkit

Family Resource Family Engagement Transition Toolkit, Jobs Now Partnership Project  The Family Engagement Transition Toolkit is designed especially for emerging young adults with disabilities to utilize

'Ohana Tips for Parents: Ways to Support At-Home Learning Cover
Academic Success

At-Home Learning

As a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), student learning has shifted from in-classroom to at-home learning. Families, use the resource on this page to help