Our Goal: to support Native Hawaiian high school students into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields through a year-long, culture-based and work-based program. Project Hōkūlani is available to high school students on Oʻahu, Molokaʻ, Lanaʻi, Kauaʻi and Hawaiʻi islands.

The Hōkūlani Program Model

The Hōkūlani program is a 5-component program, consisting of:

  1. Academic Enrichment in Science
    Students will gain an in-depth introduction to 6 different areas of science (health science, agricultural science, astronomy, creative/digital media, computer science, and sustainability). Each lesson will include hands-on activities.
  2. Mentoring
    The focus of these lessons will be to showcase the connection between science and Native Hawaiian culture and practices. In addition, Native Hawaiians, who are currently working in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) careers, will share the knowledge they gained on their journeys with our student participants.
  3. College Transition Support
    These lessons are designed to prepare students for college in STEM fields. Topics include: examples of STEM majors and classes, essay writing practice, scholarship program for Native Hawaiian students, helpful educational technology, and a college campus tour (if permitted).
  4. STEM Internships
    Students will have a real-world, firsthand experience working at a STEM workplace in their community. During their internship, students will be guided by their mentor to develop introductory skills and gain foundational knowledge in this particular career field.
  5. ʻOhana Gatherings
    Parents/Guardians/Kupuna of participating students will be invited to join our parent workshop series. These workshops will be held half online and half in-person (if permitted) at one of our satellite campuses. In these workshops, parents/guardians will learn how to support their child(ren) in science learning and college transition at home, participate in Native Hawaiian and local Hawaiʻi culture-based STEM hands-on activities, and learn more about resources for college (such as early college/dual enrollment programs, scholarships/financial aid for Native Hawaiians, and more!). Siblings of student participants are welcome to join the in-person activities too!

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