Culuture/ʻAina Based Curricula

Kūkulu Nā Uapo is a science curriculum that meets Hawaii’s Department of Education 6th grade academic standards and weaves in Hawaiian cultural standards and practices. Throughout the academic year, the student will gain a greater understanding of themselves, their relationship to others and the world around them, and their responsibility (kuleana) to nurture themselves, others and their environment.

The Kūkulu Nā Uapo curriculum seeks to enhance school success for 6th grade Native Hawaiian and local students by providing a curriculum that is relative to their interests and experiences, culturally conscious, developmentally appropriate and centered around each child learning more about themselves their world, and their sense of place in their world.

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Nā Hana Ma Ka Ahupua‘a, Science in Hawai‘i, is a 3 year Native Hawaiian Education project funded by a US DOE grant. The curriculum offers middle and high school teachers over one year of General Science Lessons centered on the Interdependence of Natural Resources in our watersheds, the Ahupua‘a of Hawai‘i.

Evidence-based components infused into the curriculum to help all students succeed include:

  • differentiated instruction for general and/or special education students
  • hands-on activities, concrete learning, projects & field trips
  • interaction with role models, kupuna/elders, community members & local scientists
  • adapted readings appropriate to student reading levels and age
  • locally relevant content focused 1st on community, island & state, then linked globally
  • culturally responsive teaching methods & learning styles

Teacher-Friendly Assessment: All curriculum materials come with multiple choice test items & templates for easy pre- and post-testing by teachers. Question banks were designed using Bloom’s taxonomy and are linked to Hawai‘i Department of Education content standards, as well as Native Hawaiian Education Council Cultural Pathways.

Ka Hana ‘Imi Na‘auao is a science careers curriculum resource, nurturing Hawaiian scientists for Hawai‘i’s future. These units are meant to link the wisdom of The Kahuna: Versatile Masters of Old Hawai‘i (by L. McBride) with the seeking of modern scientific knowledge. Lessons, which can supplement typical DOE high school science classes, are designed to inspire students with labs, trips, guests, films, tech, hands-on projects & the issues & career opportunities relevant to all of us in Hawai‘i.

Start with Unit #1… Integrate Unit #2 for a few weeks or over the year… Choose any Unit from #3 to #9 to blend cultural & science learning…Weave all unit learning into Unit #10…