Akakū Community Television, Molokaʻi Media Center

Mentor: Daniel Emhoff

STEM Fields: Media Production

Internship Research Goal: Learn basic media production skills and produce content to air on The Maui Daily (produce short 2 minute news segments, community event highlights, interviews and informational pieces).

Website: https://www.akaku.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AkakuMolokai

Graphic of blue and white of mountain top. Akakū Maui Community Media.About Akakū Community Television, Molokaʻi Media Center

Akakū is a nonprofit organization that operates public access television in Maui County. Their mission statement is, “Empowering Our Community’s Voice Through Access To Media.” Thus, Akakū provides a way for anyone in the community to share content through public access television. 

To reach their mission, Akakū does local news reporting, records and broadcasts government meetings, as well as provide training and media classes for the community. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Akakū has been focusing on providing content for a daily live news show called The Maui Daily, which provides local news and information that is relevant for Maui County. Akakū looks forward to returning to normal activities when COVID is under control.

Molokaʻi is a unique rural community within Maui County. Akakū Molokai provides a means for the community to share culture, issues and ideas with the rest of Maui County as well as providing a window for the rest of the county to see and understand the Molokai community and issues. Akakū provides access to important public and government meetings that occur on Molokai and Maui, especially those held during the regular working hours. There is no major news television station in Maui County and Akakū looks to fill that role with itʻs award winning daily hyper local news and information show, The Maui Daily. It is important for getting the word out about what is happening in rural communities and county wide.

Headshot image of person.Meet Our Internship Mentor: Daniel Emhoff

Daniel Emhof is the director of Akakū Community Television’s Molokai Media Center and handles all of itʻs operations, productions and media classes. Currently, he spends most of his time creating content for The Maui Daily which includes filming, editing, and producing segments for the show.

Daniel has worked for Akakū and lived on Molokai since 2004. In 2007, he became the director of the Molokai Media Center. Working at Akakū has been a great experience and journey. He feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with the community and be able to follow his passion in video production and photography by “filming Molokaiʻs modern day history” in the making .

Daniel Emhof is the father of two sons and also the owner of a production company called Visual Resonance Media which specializes in various forms of visual arts such as photography, documentaries, commercials and web design.

Internship duties and responsibilities

Students will receive training on different aspects of video production such as planning, filming techniques, camera equipment, and video editing.

Students’ main task will be to provide content for The Maui Daily such as news segments and informational pieces. Students will work together as a news team and propose stories, get them approved, and then go out and produce them. For example, students may interview community members to create stories. This may also involve attending meetings with the media station staff to help plan the show.

Interns should be comfortable with and able to:

  • Work as a team.
  • Work on a computer (basic computer skills).
  • Speak on camera and/or interview other people.
  • Edit videos and use a camera. Prior experience would be helpful but not necessary. Training will be provided.

2023 Internship Schedule

This internship will occur over 6 weeks in June and July. Scheduling and filming location will depend on the news stories to cover. Students should have flexible summer schedules. In addition, some work, such as video editing and online meetings, may be done at home or at the Molokaʻi Media Center in Kaunakakai.

2024 Internship Schedule* 

  • 2024 Spring: To be determined.
  • 2024 Summer:To be determined.

*Schedules are tentative and are subject to change. Interns will be required to work 8 hours in the Spring 2023. Interns will be required to work 40 hours in the Summer 2023. 

Internship Meeting Location:

Akakū Community Television
Molokaʻi Media Center
40 Ala Malama Ave #209
Kaunakakai, Molokai HI 96748