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The following job opportunities are located in Honolulu, Hawai’i for the University of Hawai’i at Manoa – College of Education – Center on Disability Studies. View using “CDS” as a keyword.  


Faculty Positions

Director and Associate Professor of CDS, 0082950
Date Posted: October 11, 2022
Closing Date: Continuous – application review begins November 9, 2022

Junior Specialist (Education & Employment Coordinator), 0082105T
Opening Date: October 4, 2022
Closing Date: October 18, 2022

Associate Specialist or Specialist (Co-PI, Director of Interdisciplinary Training and Technical Assistance)
Date Posted: September 12, 2022
Closing Date: Continuous – Review of Applications begins September 26, 2022

Academic Support (Educational Specialist), 0079735T (Molokai), 0079852T (Hawaii Island)
Date Posted: September 8, 2022
Closing Date: Continuous – Review of Applications begins September 22, 2022

Jr or Asst Specialist (Native Hawaiian Educ Cultural), 0082154T
Date Posted: September 1, 2022
Closing Date: Conitnuous – Review of Applications begins September 16, 2022

Junior Specialist – Evaluation Manager, 0080470T
Date Posted: August 23, 2022
Closing Date: September 7, 2022

Jr or Asst Specialist (Project Site Coord, Curriculum Editor, and Trainer), 0083196T
Posted: 06/29/22; Closing: Continuous

Junior Specialist (STEM Specialist), 0082711T
Posted: 06/06/22; Closing: Continuous

Junior Specialist (Field Coordinator, Kakau Mea Nui 2.0), 0085193T
Posted: 05/16/22; Closing: Continuous

Assistant Specialist (Project Coordinator), 0085190T
Posted: 03/23/22; Closing: Continuous

Junior Specialist (Associate Project Coordinator), 0085222T
Posted: 03/21/22; Closing: Continuous

Junior/Assistant Specialist (Project: Family Engagement Specialist, HFEC), 0086973T
Posted 03/07/2022; Closing: Continuous

Lecturer (UHM/College of Education/Center on Disability Studies)
Posted 02/26/2018; Closing: Continuous



Administrative Support (Admin & Fiscal Support Specialist) #0079763T
Posted 10/20/2022; Closing: Continuous – Review of Applications Begins November 3, 2022

Human Resources Specialist, 0078301T
Date Posted: August 29, 2022
Closing Date: Continuous – Application review begins September 13, 2022


Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant (Hawaii Family Engagement Center), 0000GA11
Date Posted: September 12, 2022
Closing Date: Continuous – Review of Applications begins September 30, 2022

Graduate Assistant (Disability & Diversity), 0000GA11
Date Posted: August 25, 2022; Closing Date: Continuous

Graduate Assistant (Hokulani Hui, PBUCE), 0000GA11
Posted: 08/08/22; Closing: Continuous

Graduate Assistant (Hawaii Family Engagement Center, HFEC)
Posted: 07/13/22; Closing: Continuous

Graduate Assistant (Kakau Mea Nui 2.0), 0000GA11
Posted: 05/12/22; Closing: Continuous

Graduate Assistant (Kulia Support, KSP), 0000GA11
Posted: 03/31/22; Closing: Continuous

Graduate Assistant – CDS (Project: KPN II)
Posted 01/19/2022; Closing: Continuous