Pono Choices Facilitator Training

About the Curriculum

This training is available for Hawai‘i Department of Education (DOE) teachers, community health educators, and those interested in delivering the Pono Choices curriculum to youth ages 11 to 13 in Hawai‘i.

Training Goal & Objectives

The goal of the Pono Choices online facilitator curriculum training is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach your students the Pono Choices curriculum while also adhering to fidelity.

The objectives of the training are for individuals who complete training to be:

  1. Deliver the Pono Choices curriculum with fidelity
  2. Understand the cultural components of the curriculum
  3. Understand the sexual health and medical terminology
  4. Convey medically accurate teen pregnancy and STI prevention information to students

Training Benefits

After completing the training and receiving your Certificate of Completion, you will gain access to FREE curriculum materials on the Pono Choices online Facilitator Resources page. Note: Curriculum materials are intended only for trained individuals.

Resources for Trained Facilitators

Online Resources

After successful completion you will be able to log-in to the online “Facilitator Resources” page and have access to audio, video, and printable curriculum materials.

      • Fidelity Manual
      • Facilitator Curriculum Implementation Guide
      • Parent Night Package
      • Student Workbook
      • Posters and Classroom Print Materials
      • Presentations
      • How-To Videos
      • ‘Ohana Activities (take-home worksheets)
      • Videos and Audio educational materials
      • Audio Glossary (Hawaiian words used in the curriculum)
      • All materials listed per module

Hands-on classroom materials

After successful completion of the training you will find Instructions for creating a Facilitator Kit with hands-on classroom materials in the Facilitator Curriculum Implementation Guide. Also, if you would like to borrow a complete Facilitator Kit to use during implementation, please contact Pono Choices personnel at ponochoices12@gmail.com. Kits will be available for a limited time.

Online Facilitator Training Overview

The online training is self-directed, self-paced. You are able to go through the training at your own pace – pause and resume where you left off. The online training includes and introduction to the Pono Choices curriculum, technology check and support, 10 curriculum modules and quizzes, and a training completion area. The training covers the following curriculum topics:

Module 1: Introduction to Pono Choices

Module 2 Pono: Making Pono Choices

Module 3 Mōhala: Lessons in Puberty and Anatomy

Module 4 Nohona: Role of Communication in Healthy Relationships

Module 5 Aloha: Maintaining Respect in Relationships

Module 6 Hāpai Pono: Preventing an Unintended Pregnancy

Module 7 Pilina A‘o: Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections

Module 8 Pilina Pono: Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections

Module 9 Nā Kūlia: Negotiation Skills and Role Play

Module 10 Oli Ho‘omana: Empowerment

Accessibility Options and 508 Compliance

This training was built using Canvas LMS, which includes features to increase usability and performance, and meets requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Learn more about Canvas LMS and 508 features.

The training includes functional text that may be used with assistive technology, downloads of the training script, as well as closed captioning for narration, audio stories, and videos. Button/option and audio option are available throughout this training.

Curriculum Facilitator Training

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