Curriculum Implementation

Pono Choices is intended to be delivered where youth ages 11 to 13 in Hawai‘i congregate or go for sexual health education. Such settings may include schools, community centers, and health clinics. The number of sessions implemented will vary based on the schedules of each site; however, it is ideal for all ten of the lessons to be delivered in their entirety and in sequential order. The curriculum is flexible and has been designed to accommodate individual sites’ schedules so that ideal delivery may be reached.

Pono Choices Online Facilitator Training

Only trained facilitators should deliver Pono Choices to youth ages 11-13.

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The objectives of the training are for individuals who complete training to be:

  1. Familiar with the Pono Choices curriculum
  2. Comfortable delivering Pono Choices
  3. Able to identify additional supports and resources to support an individual in the implementation of Pono Choices
  4. Competent to instruct youth ages 11-13 using the Pono Choices curriculum with fidelity

Individuals who complete the training will receive a Certificate of Completion and a password to access curriculum materials intended only for trained individuals.

Curriculum developers are available to conduct in-person trainings for a fee. If your organization is considering an in-person training, please contact us.

An in-person training is typically two days, interactive, and focused on implementation fidelity. To learn more about an in-person training and implementation fidelity, please see these resources:

Pono Choices Implementation Fidelity Resources